Stallion Tender Scheme

The Stallion Tender Scheme allows breeders to tender for WA stallion service fees at a reduced rate. It functions as a fundraising activity for Thoroughbred Breeders WA, but also aims to give back to stallion owners supporting the scheme.


  • Stallions can be tendered for 70% or above their advertised service fee, by filling in the online form or the physical form from Westspeed Magazine.
  • You can tender for more than one stallion for each mare you own in order of preference.
  • The highest tender received by TBWA by 5pm on the 26th of August 2022 secures the stallion service fee for the 2022 season.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 + GST is payable on securing a tender, which is passed onto the stallion owners.
  • Payment of the tendered service fee is payable on live foal to Thoroughbred Breeders WA.
  • Thoroughbred Breeders WA then pass 50% of the received service fees onto the stallion owners. If you don’t have a foal (for example the mare aborts her pregnancy), you don’t pay and the tender is finished.

Have questions? We’re happy to help. Contact Ann on 92779880 for more information.


TBWA Stallion Tender Scheme – Terms and Conditions

  1. Tenders will close on Friday 26th of August, 5pm and mare owners will be notified by Monday the 29th of August.
  2. Tenders are accepted by members and non-members of TBWA.
  3. No tender below 70% of the advertised fee will be accepted.
  4. A non-refundable deposit of $300 + GST is payable on successful tender of a stallion.
  5. The tenderer understands that they may forfeit the service right to the stallion should the deposit not be paid with 7 days of invoice.
  6. The successful tenderer agrees to payment of the service fee at live foal (tendered amount minus the $300 + GST deposit) within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  7. Should the mare not fall pregnant during the stud season, the tender ends and no service fee is payable.
  8. Should the mare not produce a live foal, the tenderer must provide a vet certificate to TBWA stating the reason and the tender ends and no service fee is payable.
  9. The tenderer agrees to pay all transport, agistment fees, veterinary costs and other costs incurred by the mare whilst at stud under the Stallion Tender Scheme. Any rates may be obtained directly from the stud or other provider and fees will be charged and paid directly between the broodmare owner and the stud or other provider within their terms of payment.
  10. Westspeed EPONA credits cannot be used to pay for Stallion Tender Scheme tenders.
  11. The tenderer agrees that in the interests of the stallion, stud hygiene and other mares, the stud reserves the right to withhold service from any mare which is infected, diseased or unsafe for service.
  12. The highest tender received by the above stated cut-off date will be accepted in the overwhelming majority of cases, however TBWA is under no obligation to accept tenders and reserves the right to use discretion in exceptional circumstances.
  13. Unsuccessful tenderers give permission for their contact details to be passed to their chosen stallion’s owners, so they may have the opportunity to offer a quote for service outside the Stallion Tender Scheme.

I hereby submit my tenders at the prices shown below for Stallion Nominations in order of preference for the 2022 breeding season for the following mare:


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Services tendered for above mare, in order of preference


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Tender Amount (including GST)
No less than 70% of the Advertised Service Fee

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