About Us

Thoroughbred Breeders WA (TBWA) represents thoroughbred breeders and the breeding industry.

Our aim is to:

* Promote the Western Australian industry both in Australia and overseas and to develop new markets for our horses
* Represent the interests of breeders with government and administrative bodies
* Encourage new breeders into the market, and
* Be of assistance in liaising with other sections of the industry and enhance the racing industry.

WA Breeding Industry (2020-21)
The breeding industry in Western Australia responsible for approximately 7% of Australia’s foal crop born Australia-wide in 2020.

Broodmares covered in Western Australia in 2020 – 1,341.   National total 19,454

For more information about the breeding industry in Western Australia contact Thoroughbred Breeders WA (08) 9277 9880.


Fiona Lacey

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Troy van Heemst

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Ann Croucher

Any breeders or those just merely interested in the industry may join, the more members, the stronger voice we have. Please complete he following form to become a member and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.